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QuamIR Awards – The Most Remarkable Investor Relations Recognition
Introduction The “QuamIR Awards – The Most Remarkable Investor Relations Recognition” (QIRA), established by Quam IR, are the leading awards in Hong Kong to honor models of practice and leadership in investor relations (IR) among the listed companies in the Asia-Pacific region.

With Quam IR’s extensive network among the investment community and financial media organizations, the QIRA will be widely recognized. Meanwhile, it will definitely bring accreditation and prestige to the winning companies and their remarkable achievements in the area of IR among shareholders, institutional investors, equity research analysts and financial media organizations.

Meanwhile, The Award Presentation Ceremony will bring together the industry’s elite performers for celebration. All attendees are given valuable opportunities to network among their peers and industry leaders to exchange thoughts and build strong connections to further excel in investor relations. This is not only the chance to build reputation, but also the opportunity to review and maintain your best practices for IR excellence!
Important Dates Nomination Period | 2017 January-March
Assessment Period | 2017 March-April
Company Interview | 2017 April
Award Announcement | 2017 May
Presentation Ceremony & Luncheon Presentation Ceremony & Luncheon
Date | May 2017
Time | 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Venue | TBC
Address | TBC
Contact & Details http://event.quamnet.com/QIRA2016
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